Sunday, June 8, 2008

Andy Soup-Can takes his 15 Minutes of Fame


An Eclectic Salvage tribute to a favorite lunch item and Famous Artist!

Our Andy Soup Can is of course our little homage to Andy Warhol - and served as a nice bit of much needed art therapy! There's nothing like a silly art project to ease life's little strains and stresses. Here at Eclectic Headquarters, we are slowly rebuilding our web site. If a Grilled Cheese Descending a Staircase makes an appearance here soon, it means we're really having a hard time figuring things out - and we're probably a tad hungry too!
The old was sure pretty, but the new one will soon be able to offer direct shopping to our customers. It is coming, but will take some time - we're not exactly web wizzes so we've got a lot to figure out, but now have the bare bones up. Not much to look at yet, but she's a secure site and will offer our Eclectic Treasures in one central location while we continue to also offer buying opportunities on eCrater and Ebay.

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